Wireless Manager App

Wireless Manager

Available on: Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, Web

This app has a 30 day free trial


Your 3G-Enabled Clover device comes preloaded with a 3G SIM. It is ready for use on T-Mobile USA's Owned and Operated Network (excluding roaming partners), and can serve either as the main network connection or as a backup when other connections fail.

Simple Pricing:
SIM usage is free for first 30 days. We will alert you when your free trial is about to end. After your trial, you'll be charge $15.00 plus applicable taxes per active SIM per month. Your monthly subscription fee will be based on the number of active SIMs in your account.

You can deactivate and reactivate SIMs on your account at any time through this app. Your subscription fee will be updated based on the number of active SIMs.

There is no overage charge in 2015. From January 2016, overage will apply at $0.015/MB in excess of 1GB/month data usage.

Clover can suspend service for unauthorized use, including using SIM outside Clover devices.

For any issues, including SIM connectivity, please contact customer support.


Wireless Manager Screenshot