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Tattle is the mobile app version of the customer comment card, providing merchants with private insights into the areas of their business that they care about most. Through Tattle, merchants have proven to drive more feedback than the standard customer comment card process as well as social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp. Additionally, merchants have shown significantly improve operational efficiency and repeat customer purchases.

Through Tattle, you are able to:

- Create surveys on the Tattle mobile app
- Track all feedback and analytics in real-time through your account
- Share great feedback to Facebook or Yelp
- Collect email addresses from marketing campaigns
- Respond privately to customer feedback to build meaningful relationships
- Offer incentives to encourage feedback and drive repeat customer purchases
- Track customer retention and revenue to determine ROI
- Replace your paper-and-pen customer comment cards!



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Phone: 631-721-5922

Email: info@gettattle.com