Age Verification

Age Verification

Available on: Clover Station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini

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Limit the ages of various item categories or labelled items in your inventory. If an item is deemed age restricted, the item is automatically removed from your ticket. If the customer is not restricted, an age check stamp is placed on the first item in the ticket indicating the time of the check and the data (birthday) that was entered as a permanent record of the age restriction check. This app dynamically determines the minimum amount of birthdate information that is required to be hand input to verify an age. All restrictions are automatically replicated to all other Clover stations owned by a merchant, regardless of location. The calculated customer age is printed on the customer receipt to meet state legal requirements.

Supports 2D scanning of drivers license using separately purchased Motorola DS9208 scanner.


Age Verification App Age Verification App Age Verification App Age Verification App Age Verification App