XLS Uploader for Customer Lists

XLS Uploader for 'Customer Lists'

Available on: Web


  • $6.99 per Buy Once. Use as Often as you wish.

  • Description

    "XLS Uploader" imports customer detail lists to Clover.
    We supply a 'Sample XLS'.
    You can copy-paste existing customer details into this to ensure 'Uploader' works first and every time.

    You only pay for it once, and can re-use the 'Xls Uploader' on this same merchant account as often as you choose, with no more costs.

    User notes PDF & FAQs for 'XLS Uploader' are at https://support.retailcp.ie/uploader

    We verify the content & highlight errors in Red font to assist in making corrections.

    We show the imported customer details on screen before you confirm ‘Save to Clover’.

    This Web-App is easy-to-use, is fast and accurate.

    Existing POS systems allow export of Customer details to a standard XLS file.
    We support Excel files, with 'XLS' , 'XLSM' , 'XLSX' standard file formats.


    XLS Uploader for Customer Lists Screenshot XLS Uploader for Customer Lists Screenshot