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How is your business doing right now? Check the latest open, paid and refunded revenue and orders on your phone or tablet with Snapshot like you'd check the time on your watch.

With Snapshot you don’t have to be in your store to keep an eye on what’s going on.

Snapshot is an app available for iPhone, iPad, Android and Amazon devices that connects to your Clover account and gives you the quickest view of how your business is doing throughout the day.

Snapshot adds Stream too, which is like a Twitter feed of your business. Monitor when staff make their first sales of the day, see every refund made and receive hourly new revenue totals for your store.

• A Snapshot of your business: open, paid and refunded revenue and orders
• An instant view graph of revenue and order progress through the day
• Totals in descending order for each employee who has sold today
• Stream: a Twitter-like feed of news and updates from your business as they happen



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