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    Small Business owners can scan in products to build their clover inventory with amazing accuracy and time savings. Creating an inventory database for typical convenient stores just got easier. Beverages, tobacco, canned goods, frozen foods, snacks, candy, dairy, cosmetics and much, much more. If you have an old cash register or just don’t have an Inventory, ScandGO and Clover are equipped to help you create one from scratch. With ScandGO we can help you create an inventory by merely scanning your products and adding a price. All bar code products are not registered however, our UPC database with over 600,000 products can deliver the highest rate of pairing your UPC codes to manufacturer information. ScandGO will save an abundance of time and keystrokes with its unique design and editing features, on the go! ScandGo is a web application, all scanning must be done on a PC or Mac through the Clover Online Dashboard at Login and start scanning! It’s Just That Simple!



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    Phone: 1-844-254-9666