RecipeGo w/AllergyPro

RecipeGo w/ AllergyPro

Available on: Clover Station

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RecipeGo w/ AllergyPro is a new, easy to use, recipe management application, with a fast allergy search function.

Are you tired of your kitchen staff misplacing that falling apart recipe book? RecipeGo replaces that with your very own digital cookbook. All of your recipes can now be stored in one convenient place! Your staff can print a hard copy of the recipe from the Clover printer, and managers can also mark individual recipes as “private” to prevent other users from seeing them.

RecipeGo can also quickly search your recipe database, greatly reducing the risk of guests with food allergies eating something they shouldn’t.

RecipeGo w/ AllergyPro will keep your restaurant safe, organized, efficient, and consistent.


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