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Insightics Solution

Available on: Clover Station, Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, Web


Welcome to Insightics, the app that delivers straightforward insights you can act on. Insightics allows you to compare yourself to nearby and similar businesses, so you always know exactly where you stand. And as soon as you pair Clover with Insightics, you'll unlock realtime data updates and insights into payments transactions, product trends, and customer spending.

1. See where you are and where you should be. Your forecast uses your historical data to help you figure out how much you should be making right now—and in the future.
2. Get to know your customers. See who’s shopping with you, how often customers return to your business, and what people are buying.
3. Gain insights about your products (and more). We simplify your data into insights you can act on, so you know how products are selling, what’s popular in different customer segments, and how to respond to things like weather, holidays, or traffic.

To get started, you can quickly log in to Insightics with your Clover credentials.



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Phone: 800-352-3428